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Some Thoughts While Waiting for the Inauguration

As I write this I am waiting for the Inauguration Ceremony to begin. Soon my family and I will take a break from school and work to celebrate the end of the crypto-fascist administration that has darkened our days for the last four years. We've got pastries from La Gourmandine and a bottle of champagne. Maybe we'll order a pizza.

For four years, we've all been abused by lies and racist provocations and a hardhearted failure to protect us from disease. Our collective national trauma will not heal overnight. And I don't think anyone - even those as powerful as our new President and Vice-President - can heal it alone. It will take dedicated work on our part to mend the broken places. It will take time.

And, of course, it won't be enough to just get back to "normal." The way we were four years ago wasn't so great for a lot of people, either. There's a lot of work to do if we want to enjoy a society where everyone has what they need to thrive.

So I'm feeling a heady mix of hope and weariness.

But I start to feel energized when I remember the ways the Commonwealth community has been a source of strength for me - especially throughout the pandemic. I have felt empowered every time we have gathered to pray, to talk, to think, to march, to play, to worship, and to share in communion.

Our gatherings renew our spiritual connection to Jesus, who shows us that another world is possible - a world where the powerful are brought down from their thrones and the lowly are lifted up, where the hungry are filled with good things and the rich are sent away empty.

Our holiday break is over and I'm excited to get back to meeting together! Our first (mostly online) gatherings of the year are right around the corner. On Saturday night we'll meet up to play some games. On Sunday afternoon we'll reconnect for our first monthly Justice Roundtable. On Wednesday night we'll distribute dinners and gather for worship. Details below!

I am trusting that tomorrow will bring more justice and some peace. But whatever the future brings, I'm so glad to be in this together.

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