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Funding the Future: Become a Sustaining Supporter

In 2018, a small team launched The Commonwealth with the vision of being a progressive, Jesus-centered community of faith which would gather students, residents, and neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Over the last four years, we grew as a Christian community that celebrates LGBTQIA+ folks, engages in antiracist work, and holds space for people who are questioning and reforming their beliefs. And this happened mostly in a pandemic season of isolation and disconnection that threatens community-building of all kinds.

Now as things are opening up, our leadership team is considering what The Commonwealth needs to continue growing into the future. A primary need is financial sustainability. Because we're a startup, our early years are funded by limited grants. To be sustainable in the long term, we need to grow our network of support.

And so I am asking you to become a sustaining supporter of The Commonwealth. For a sustainable future, we need to raise $1500 a month. I hope you'll view the short slideshow above for a brief history of The Commonwealth and how we adapted during the pandemic. A menu of support levels is at the end of the presentation.

With gratitude,


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