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DIY Easter: Screen Liberation Edition

When our leadership met to discuss how our community could celebrate Easter during this pandemic season, one of the common threads throughout the discussion was: screen fatigue.

We've been blessed this past month to be able to connect with each other over video chat for worship gatherings, prayer groups, discussion groups, leadership meetings, and even office hours for the pastors. But as we looked to Easter weekend, many of us expected to spend even more time online connecting with family and friends for the holiday. Plus, some students who are home with family are already planning to worship with their home churches online. The thought of more dedicated screen time started to feel like a burden.

So we decided that instead of holding another video service, we would instead create some options for spiritual connection that are less dependent on screens and some of which can be used on the go - maybe while gardening or on a run or a hike! These activities can be done alone or as a group if you're sheltering with friends or family. We can give this a more communal feel by posting photos of how we used the materials!

Visit the links below to access all of the good stuff.


Good Friday is all about the grief of what was lost the day Jesus died. We have to sit with that before we can enjoy the celebration of Easter Sunday. In this guided meditation, Tom encourages us to sit with grief. Especially about what we are losing and the anticipatory grief of what we might lose during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have to spend some time here before we can look ahead to better days. It's Friday - but Sunday is coming.


"Death Has Lost Its Sting" is an updated arrangement of an old Isaac Watts hymn that celebrates Christ's victory over death - without the shaming specter of an angry, vengeful God. Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along.


Radici Studios released this coloring page in a series about practicing resiliency during these uncertain days. The message of this page is "May we grow back not to what was but instead towards what we can become." Sounds like the good news of Easter!


When was the last time you got to go outside? When was the last time you got to go outside and really notice what was going on around you? Easter comes to us as renewal after days of darkness. When you go outside today, look for the ways that Creation is telling the story of the Resurrection to you over and over again. Here are some prompts to get you started. Write them down on a piece of paper so you don’t get lost in your phone screen. Maybe take pictures of what you’d like to share with the Commonwealth community when you come back. - Erin

Something you see every day Something you haven’t noticed in a long time Something very old that at one time was very new

Something dying or returning to the earth

Something being reborn or emerging from the earth

Something nurtured by darkness

Something nurtured by light


Read or listen to an Easter message from Mike about death and resurrection - and what comes next.


Easter is a joyful day. Celebrate the new life of this new season with some springtime food and drink! It doesn't get any more churchy than eating Lemon Bars while sipping a cool glass of Sun Tea.

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