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progressive Christianity in Pittsburgh


Rev. Mike Holohan


I’m a life-long Pittsburgher who lived in Oakland for five years while studying film and writing at the University of Pittsburgh. My wife Marianne and I now live in the Greenfield neighborhood with our kids, too many books, and just the right amount of Star Wars action figures. I like to play video games and I have completed the Pittsburgh Marathon!


Erin Angeli

Associate Pastor for
Queer &
Neighborhood Ministry

I’m a Michigan native who has lived in Pittsburgh with my wife Sarah since finishing my Masters in Divinity at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. I specialize in contextual neighborhood analysis and participation, as well as counseling those questioning their faith and/or sexuality. My Queerness and neuro-diversity are important aspects of my identity as a practitioner, and I utilize those identities to ask critical questions from the margins. My working style is emotionally informed, creativity-driven and naturally curious. I don’t believe in failure, just in different data than what you expected. I’d love to get to know you and your faith journey so far!


Dr. Christine Ostrowski


A Pittsburgh native, Christine moved to D.C. to work at the Congressional Budget Office, but she remains an integral part of the Commonwealth in the "expats" group and consults on how to improve the hybrid experience. Christine brings her expertise in managing the day-to-day financial accounts and helping to plan the financial future of the Commonwealth.


Simeon Rodgers

Seminary Intern

I was born and raised in Florida but consider San Diego home. I am currently on my last year at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. I am an INFP who loves terrible weather, nature, foraging, cooking, reading, the arts, as well as encouraging, building community, learning, and teaching. I’m a dog person, but adore cats with dog temperaments because, well, cuddles of course. I enjoy asking questions, improving systems, and am also determined to one day live in a converted bread truck. #vanlife

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