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After Deconstruction: Decolonizing Christian Habits

Earlier this year Dr. Brock Bahler, a Senior Lecturer and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Religious Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, led a group of local churches in an exploration of deconstruction as a creative and innovative practice instrumental in helping us unlearn habits shaped by white supremacy. He believes as we are doing the work of deconstruction, an important part is reckoning with the reality that many of our religious habits are inconspicuously influenced by white supremacy and require unlearning, reprogramming, and the development of new practices as the way forward.

As we consider racial injustice as an overarching theme of the times, Dr. Bahler’s presentation seems to ring both timely and true to the needs of the church. He shares with us how he unlearned some of those habits and helps us conceptualize how we can do the same while developing new practices that breathe new life into our faith. Enjoy the presentation!

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