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Tue, Jan 03




A safe space for anyone feeling the weight on their shoulders to go to express their feelings.


Time & Location

Jan 03, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


About the Event

A safe space for anyone feeling the weight on their shoulders or walls closing in to have a place to go to express their feelings. Hosted by Tom and Lori.

What it is not: a church service or a therapy session. Lori and Tom are merely hosts, not pastors or therapists. They are fellow travelers on this dark night of the soul who need this in their lives as much as anybody. This is not about fixing anybody but about listening and supporting.

What it is: a judgment-free place to vent, rant, shout, swear, cry, or silently listen. Of course, it’s also okay to acknowledge and celebrate baby steps of progress and healing. Of course, we will all commit that what is said here, stays here.

An hour?: Not necessarily. This is not another hour-long commitment in your week or a program to attend. This is a totally voluntary and optional mental health first-aid station for anyone who needs it. Stay the whole time or feel free to come and go when you want. We will staff the hour for anyone who stops by.

What will happen: Enter in silence to center yourself. Then, share from your life or listen to others. If you are uncomfortable speaking before others, a breakout session with either Lori or Tom can be arranged. We will end with a time of prayer and/or contemplation. This is new to all of us, of course, so there may be some trial and error as we let this time become what it wants to be.

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