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Esfera Faith

Tom Cox is one of the founding members of The Commonwealth. For the last few years, he has been living in Costa Rica where he has joined a Quaker community. He continues to serve on our leadership team and participates in our Expats small group for folks who live somewhere other than Pittsburgh.

Tom is passionate about mobilizing Christians to take action on the climate crisis. And he is concerned about the steady stream of bad news about global warming. Rather than inspiring urgent responses, this information often leaves people feeling hopeless and demotivated.

These are a couple of reasons why Tom founded Esfera Faith, an online ministry dedicated to connecting climate justice with spirituality and to sharing good news about environmental activism.

Check out this video to hear more about Esfera Faith and about the work his local community is doing to assist migrants who are passing through Costa Rica on their way north.

Follow Esfera Faith to read monthly posts on the science, spirituality, and good news about climate change.

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