“We have all known the long loneliness,
and we have found that the answer is community.”

Dorothy Day

Imagine a table.

On the table are empty coffee mugs, crinkled napkins, and stacked-up plates.

Seated around it are folks from the neighborhood, students from the university, and people who are experiencing homelessness. They've just finished dinner but the conversation isn't over yet.

The room rings with voices talking and debating and laughing.

It's full of tables like this one. You're sitting at one, too.

Later, when we move upstairs, there’s a smaller table with bread and a cup. This room is quiet - at first. But then there is music. And then we're talking to each other about our lives - about the hopeful parts and the hard parts. Then someone is talking to God about our hopes and fears and gratitude. A story about Jesus resonates in some ancient-future way with everything that’s happening. The air vibrates with the possibility of truth, beauty, justice and peace. 


At the end of the evening, we all share the bread and the cup and for a moment the discord of the world is harmonized. It sounds like another world is possible.


That night, when we get home, our houses and dorms and tents look the same. But we see ourselves - and each other - differently. We are illuminated by a new Light.

Community Dinner & Worship Gathering
Wednesday, January 22.
Join us for a family-style dinner at 6pm.

After dinner you're invited to move to the sanctuary where we'll spend time in contemplation, prayer, song, and conversation.

Mike Holohan is the organizing pastor for this new, welcoming & affirming community of faith. It's sponsored by Pittsburgh Presbytery, supported by the Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community, and hosted by the Community of Reconciliation





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